Mindful Eating

Eating impacts not only the body but ones mind as well. For example, eating a Big Mac, a chocolate shake, and desert after will impact not only your weight, but can affect your skin, organs, energy level, and mentality. I noticed that when I choose to eat something that was equally as bad, not only do I gain weight and feel shitty, but it impacts my already low self-confidence by causing my skin to break out. I know that good foods (fruit, vegetables, and a well balanced meal), help improve skin conditions, energy levels, positive mentality, and body functions, however it is so hard (for me) to achieve this on a daily basis. Not only am I strained with  money, but I also do not have a lot of time to go and purchase decent groceries. Based on my schedule right now, I only have access to the Bear Market, Walgreens, and the Dining Commons. These three places not only have shitty processed foods but I also always wind up getting or eating the same things- cereal, apples, and pizza.

I really want to make time to make myself healthier through a well balanced diet, exercise, and whatever else I can do to improve my skin conditions. It is the one thing that truly impacts me in a harsh way and I’m tired of the lack of self-confidence. 


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