This world is beautiful. The nature, the continents, the animals, are all simply fascinating and unique in their own way. However, why did humans have to ruin it? Why did we have to evolve into such selfish, greedy, hateful creatures? Not all of us are composed entirely of that negativity, but the majority of our species are. Governments, corporations, rapists, murders, and a bit of individuals have not only destroyed the homes of other creatures (including our own species), but have destroyed the peaceful stability that nature originally produced for us. I decided to write about this as my blog post for the week because being a student at Cal and coming from a variety of backgrounds I have witnessed and experienced multiple things. But one common factor that I always see is the greed, close mindedness, and hatred many human souls possess. I cannot deal with the vast amount of stupidity much of species posses. Why can we not be satisfied with what we currently have? Why do we need to destroy the homes of animals and low income families just to benefit the corporate world? Why must be go to war and drone or shoot innocent people, instead of peacefully making amends- which we are fully capable of? Why must we suck up mother nature’s resources and not recognize the big issue of global warming?

All I can think is why, why, why? It is so frustratingly saddening to me…


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