“How much can an extra hour’s sleep change you?” Response

I found this article to not only be very beneficial, but also saddening. I am a victim of sleep deprivation and it is most defiantly not my choice. I used to have extreme anxiety before going to bed when I was in elementary school. When I was at my father’s home he would always, each and every night, read my a book until I fell asleep. At my mother’s house, because she was a student at San Diego State at the time, she would be up late studying downstairs in the living room and I would take a blanket and sleep on top of the carpet, enjoying the reassurance of her company and the lamps that kept the room lit and my anxiety away. During my progression through middle school, I began to take steps away from my sleep anxiety and go more towards insomnia. I could not sleep and that caused me a great deal of frustration and anxiety. I would always be scared when night fell because I felt extremely pressured to fall asleep before anyone else did, that way I wouldn’t feel so scared or anxious- this obviously caused many issues. I fell asleep during class, I had mood swings (probably a factor in my depression), and one fact I found interesting from this article was that a lack of sleep caused inflammation. Many of the dermatologists I would go see for my skin would tell me that I needed to sleep more, but they never really went into detail as to why I should. As soon as I read this BBC News article I was shocked to see that a lack of sleep really plays a major factor in skin impurities. However, my major issue is time. I honestly have no time for a good amount of sleep (8 hours). I usually have an average of six hours of sleep because of school work, personal stress, and other time consuming factors. After reading this article and realizing how important it is to have a healthy sleeping schedule, I am saddened because I wish the real world, including the UC system, would take this into consideration. Having a job, family responsibilities, personal issues, school work, and worrying about the future, takes up SO much time and creates a lot of stress, which for me personally prevents me from sleeping. I know it is clearly stated that the “real world” does not frankly give a fuck about a student or worker’s sleep schedule, but I wish they would realize we are all human and we all have a lot of responsibility, so taking that into consideration when dispatching class times or job times would truly help the health of our nation and probably even improve/extinguish many of the health and psychological issues we are facing today.


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